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We are intertwined in a divine constant. Reaching out from beyond creation, craving the taste of sweetness on the breath of man. Starving. Gaunt on the crumbs of mercy and tolerance.

By and by, we collide in fractured axioms, filtered by suited knaves, scooping piles of poison into the mouths of the masses. They feed; little babies blind from birth not knowing the teat they suckle upon only serves to sever us from virtue. This is not the sight that forms the frame of humanity.

We bleed the bonds that silently suffer in neglect. I am not merely one of few that see! Am I? No, we are many, hidden in frustration. Igniting the night in reverent rage!

Oh, but how these eyes, languish. With parched lips I whisper prayers of pardon for callow youth. Thirsty, I hold out my cup, waiting for it to be filled, persisting on waning hope.

-Andi C E Smith