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Dehydrated and breathless

yearning to quench my thirst 

Felt that this is my end.

Droughty, yet flooding with pain. 

I hear a voice, his voice. 

I try to get up, I try to drag

I try to scream, I try to cry 

But I couldn’t, I was too thirsty to.

There he comes, my ray of hope.

There he comes, with a beaming love.

There he comes, reflecting her. 

With dry lips and a weeping heart,

I see something which tears me apart.

Hand in hand, his eyes, lost as she’s smiling

Too lost, to notice I’m craving.

Her lips moist, as she sips

What I’m so thirsty for,

What I’m so dry for,

What I’m dying for.

She sips, His love.

She flies, satisfied.

I Sink, thirsty.