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You said you would never leave me, but you did!
Now who do I blame, now that you’ve left me ?
The people who never told me to be aware of you or
The people who you kept me away from?
Now what am I supposed to do??
Move on in life with a fresh start or
Wait for u hoping that you might miss me and come back?
You’ve left me with a million questions and absolutely no answers ,
What do I tell the world?
That the man I fought for with literally everyone has now left me ?’
Who made me believe in true, “true” LOVE has now left me?
But why??????????
Because, after so many years of a relationship he thinks I’m not the right person,
And I’m not the one he has been looking for?
Well now that you’ve gone with all the memories and all the good times ,
And left me with a broken heart and millions of lies,
I know life going to he hard now,
But guess what, here’s a fresh start ✨