​​I, Courageously coward, sipped poison.

It tasted like love, broken love.

Sweetly bitter, a trapping escape.

Made me dizzy and dreamy,

As it consumed me bit by bit.

All I could see was,

How your eyes shrink when you smile,

And the birthmark on your chin,

The scar on your ankle,

And your eyes,

When you said you were mine.

I saw your creamy moustache,

When you drank  cappuccino with extra sugar.

Your swollen head, 

When you slipped, dancing in shower.

Your face, when you said we were over.

Slowly, my vision started to fade and all I could do was think,

How you and me,

Made a beautiful “we”.

Every promise we broke,

And memories which still choke.

Every comforting hug,

And every bleeding cut.

Thoughts of the names we wasted,

Thinking about our future kids.

And your blue  sweater,

I forgot to return.

My thoughts faded, And all I could do was feel.

Feel your hand holding mine.

Us, holding a glass of wine.

I felt your beats, 

When I hugged you, scared of the dark.

I felt your lips, on my own,

Feeling our first kiss.

I felt brokenly complete.


I was free and away.

I waved goodbye, to you

And the rest of the world.

To those memories we made,

And those we were supposed to.

I died.

Here I am, living my death, unsure,

If love felt like poison,

Or poison tasted like love.

Wondering how I died,

In love, or of love.