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Here it comes…
A wave of neurons tripping synapses
Flagellation by racing recollection chases me into sweat dripping hysterics
I’m real, too real, and in the this moment I can feel everything
In the tips of my fingers in sonic vibrations
Fibers stretch from my body to kiss the sky
Every nerve stands on its end
I can feel it
The earth spinning, pinned to my feet
Stars, the sun, the moon, whirling in a dizzying panic and this manic state of my reality as the blood courses through my pulsating veins bursting through my chest stealing my ignorance
There Is Nowhere To Hide
It comes without warning
No way to strip off this flesh
This mantra plays so loudly demanding to be answered
Why. Are. We. Here…
And what happens after this…tell me
I am her child wrapped in celestial mystery

☆-Andi C E Smith