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​​You said you loved football,

You said you loved me more.

You said I was your goal.

You chased me, others did too.

But no one made it feel so great,

Like it did to be chased by you. 

How well you knew the rules,

You’re playing, they told me, fools.

They tried to drift us away,

But I made my way back to you.

After so many battles, finally it came true.

Just you and me, nothing blue. 

You pushed me away, you kicked me hard.

Thinking about the promises you broke,

I finally woke, you didn’t lie,

Because you said you loved football

And I was your goal. 

I thought I was your perfect match, you proved it well.

You won and jumped, I cried and fell.

You’re with you’re trophy, and I’m left on this field alone.

Remembering, how you loved football

And I was your goal.