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Don’t find yourself tripping,
Flat out on your face,
For people who are not fitting,
In your energy and space,
We were brought to this world,
For a reason and purpose,
Make your voice heard,
Let your vulnerability surface,
There is nothing more freeing,
Than owning your presence,
Stay true to your being,
And your beautiful essence,
Declare the great love,
You know you have to give,
Watch it triumph above,
In the live you live,
Don’t allow negativity,
Inside your sacred realm,
Open your eyes and see,
In the denial that overwhelms,
The lies that cloud judgement,
The one you tell yourself,
That keep you,
In the wafting scent,
Of a mental prison cell,
So if it doesn’t serve you,
You must release it, let it go
You are so much more deserving,
Than what you are pretending,
Not to know!