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Moved out of house, relished a spoon of curd,
With a diploma degree, she thought that she was a free bird.
Journey up till here had been a smooth sail
Who knew, one day she had to sit in silence, all pale.
Her first step into the world full of sheer humbug,
Compelled her to think, she was no more safe and snug.
Once her father told her, “Child, to survive you’ve to tussle..”
Revolting her thoughts, she happened to scuffle.
Aspirations touching the skyline on her first day of work,
Drawing breaths, to achieve the title of the best clerk.
Since the beginning she started to sweat blood,
But not paying off, her exertion was called dud.
It was so easy to lavishly spend on big bills,
When to feed her wishes, her father was ready to kill.
Now she realized, success was hard to earn,
The struggle for life gave her a U-TURN.
© Apeksha Jain