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Betrayal has a familiar stench.
That which lingers in the dark.
Clinging to crumpled collars.
Soaked into soft satin sheets.
That which brings blood to broil.
It’s stink still singeing my nostril.

With every strain of force fatigued,
I cannot rid the memory of grotesque horror.
Still taunting me with merciless laughter.
Shattered reflections mock me,
A multitude of misconstrued faces
ridiculing my every futile attempt
to banish iniquitous dreams of you.
Gossamer wings laden with
such somber sericeous feathers.
Alabaster skin as pallid as the moon hanging low.
But with quickened breath you are revealed.
Gnarled horns protruding out.
Elongated fingers still clawing at my neck.
Venomous tongue still slithering in my ear.
Whispering the awful truths I loathe to hear.
So I weep in torment of that
which treads in shadows
Coming closer with every crimson drop spilled.
I wait in anguished misery for my imminent demise.