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I dreamt of you again last night.
You called to me in the misty haze of sleep.
Demanding my attention,
Commanding my body to react to your touch.
Pulling me closer, diving in deep,
Arousing my senses, filling me with heat.
Hungry for each other as you draw me near.
Tracing my body with your magical tongue,
Spinning me around to share in the fun.
Our bodies are melded as we lick and taste.
Ecstasy is waiting for us with release in its haste.
Pressing me hard against the bed,
Opening me up to slide in,
Not wasting a moment of this dream filled ride.
The sounds of tomorrow are breaking through,
The night is fading, dream has come to an end.
The ache for your body remains my closest friend.

By: Amanda J.L. @ginger_poet