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​You told me you’d be there forever,

That I’ll see you and you’ll see me in the mirror,
And we would last till the time,
Which is worded as a lifetime.

Soon enough I realised,
That the words lasted for more time than you did,
And the love story we both had,
Got lost somewhere in the midst.

We both parted our ways,
I looked back at you,
But you looked at someone else.

I promised you that I’m gonna wait,
That whenever you wanna run back,
You wouldn’t have to,
Because I’ll be there right by your side,
And I still promise I’m gonna wait.

It’s been a while now,
Seems like you’re happy in your new life,
And so am I,
Now that I see my love smile.

I’ve tried to move on,
And maybe I have.

And just like our incomplete love story,
This poem has come to an end,
But maybe there’ll be a part 2,
When the unrequited love gets requited,
Because I promised I’m gonna wait.