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Hurts, there’s no other way.
It hurts when I hear your name.
It hurts knowing nothing will ever be the same.
It hurts to remember our last kiss, standing in the rain.
This fucking hurts, what more can I say.

It hurts to still love you.
It hurts we had to say goodbye.
It hurts that our promises, turned into lies.
This fucking hurts and nothing has changed.

It hurts to hear our songs you used to play.
It hurts to still want you, to feel your lips on mine.
It hurts to remember the way you used to make me sigh.
This fucking hurts, this is not okay.

It hurts to still feel you, knowing you are close yet far away.
It hurts to wish for just one more day.
It hurts knowing we might never be friends.
Because this fucking hurts, dammit.
So this is the end.

Amanda J.L. @ginger_poet