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It seems as though my heart,
Made much too big for this tiny chest cavity,
And my mind,
made much too open for the small distance between my ears,
Have been my greatest assets,
And my biggest downfalls!

While my empathy allows me to truly see and feel the place in which you stand,
My self-respect defies me when I don`t draw the line between my understanding and excuses I make to continue and hold your hand,

Well sunshine,
I am going to need you to understand that I have a headache,
And my chest is throbbing with heartache,
Because while I’ve sat here and tried to open your mind,
Fill your heart,
I have engaged mine;

It may hurt to have my greatest asset taken advantage of,
But I am proud of them,
My heart will not close,
Nor my mind turn to stone,
Because of someone else’s jealousy,
And desire to that from me,
Just because they don’t know
Who they are,
Don’t ever lessen your greatest part!