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I remember the day we first met,
That day things were so bright,
I wasn’t used to this light ,
Maybe because of this bright light I couldn’t see what u were tryna hide .
I told you we can’t just be friends,
Later I came to know
You r not afraid to love
You are afraid of letting go when it ends ,
You weren’t afraid to show how much you care
But are afraid of rejection.
I thought we were lovers ,
But then none of your friends knew my existence ,
All my friends knew you were my better half, yeah that’s what they said ,
Later I came to know it’s been one sided just for too long
Tunnels fail to connect
The air is frozen
The house is silent
And my hands are empty without yours in them
But boy I still don’t regret cuz tick tock tick tick tock it was time for all this drama to end .