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​A thief will arrive and snatch everything,

Leave you hopeless,
Make your life worthless.
Do not let it come inside,
It’ll rob your house and leave you outside.
These are the lines I was told,
These are the lines my brain was meant to hold.

One day while I was sitting in the park,
I imagined her coming on the beautiful ark,
By her side was a white dove,
I now knew that this was nothing but love.

The ark arrived with a thud,
To hold my hand and protect me from the flood.
I ran as fast I could,
I threw my heart as high as I could.
Unfortunately I couldn’t make it,
But the smile,
I didn’t fake it.

My brain had forgotten what it had to do,
It had to protect me from the thief,
So that I was left with no grief.

But she had now taken away the most important part,
She took away my very own heart.