Don’t be

Don’t let that smile fade away,

Even when you are in dismay,

It’s nothing but a choice

To weep or to rejoice

Don’t find fault in everything,

If you do, you won’t enjoy anything

Wake up from the nap of ignorance,

And swim away from the pool of arrogance

Don’t let them tell you, who you are

You might not be a star,

But, you shine bright in the darkness,

And listen amidst the deafness

Don’t be happy because you have to be,

Don’t be happy because you ought to be,

Be happy because you deserve it,

Be happy because create it.




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From the haunted paths that stood in front,
From the ideology of the soul to never give up but to hunt,
Those fears which tried to overpower my will,
And those nights which forgot my blissful skill,
To jot down blood in form of words in a poem I wrote,
To the thoughts which I controlled in the sky where ideas float,
From the ashes of mine I will come back every time,
So that the mortality of immortality witness this in sublime!


To those hearts who have stopped beating because of rocks, 
Your fault is not that you are deeply in love 

but that

this ocean you’ve made out of affection

searches for beautiful seashells and pearls

in a puddle of mud and impurities.
Do not hate yourself for the reflection of yourself

you see in it

because it is not

you who carries the dirt

but this puddle of dry promises.
Your fault is not that 

you are drowning 


that you seek to be held

by a puddle which can hardly float

an empty paper boat.



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In the race of life,
I took a break today
Unaware whether I am alive or dead
Somewhere I hope I’ll still breathe someday,
I saw myself getting ripped
With my own words, I wrote, before I came here
Who knew sitting that sitting here for few hours,
Will be blessing for the unknown existing here
In my this self,
For so long I haven’t seen my eyes,
But I know they have shed a lot of tears
The biggest challenge they had was to find
Whether loving your own self is a blessing or a fear
I think
I know a lot will be changed when I go back,
To the place where it all started with nothing,
As I hold the learnings of life in years I merely lived,
When pages were bleeding & I collected to make something,
Which lead to this,

Dream On!


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Don’t stop running for your dreams,
You will be called retarded or unwitting,
There will be nights when you will be alone,
But just don’t give up like those who did after they saw millions quitting!

Remember, it was your dream,
Which made you live even when life,
With memories and haunted past waited
You have faced them all,
As you believed in the power of your dream,
So, Dream on!

And one fine day,
Of all the sufferings and the toll
The journey will end soon
The sun will change into moon,
Just Remember
The journey from pole to pole,
Isn’t the task of a normal soul!


Ever felt the pang

Cracking sound heard

Scars left behind

By the broken pieces 

The residue settling 

Resting at the bottom

Too heavy to be blown away

Too slippery to hold

Moving about anywhere 

And eventually everywhere 

The fire dying

Just water left

Leaking out our eyes

Pain of our hearts

The vessels blocked

Lungs full of water

Physically nothing wrong 

Emotionally too far gone

Felt instead of seen

Stumbling on the steps 

Finally taking the last breath 

A heavy one

The one full of pain

The finality

Of a broken heart, 

Soul and spirit

Goodbye to it all. 




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Some days the clouds feel like
They are conspiring to hide
The light from us;

It’s the moments when someone’s eyes are so fragile that you know they could break apart at any moment,

The moments when sorrow and loss seem the only commodity anyone can speak of

The moments when it feels like the weight of everyone’s problem have some to rest on our lungs
And we can’t find the strength for a single breath of life

In these moments, I hope we will always remember that for all the sad eyes that gazed upon us we were their light,
And our kind voices were the winds that pushed their clouds away

I hope we consider this next time we feel like giving up!


You might be new here,
But you will see soon enough
That darkness here is never taciturn
The rain never stops pouring down,
Every drop battling with the roof,
That gives shelter
Neither winning or losing,
Just carrying on till dawn
And until the sun rises,
The wind keeps on howling and thundering,
As if in gut wrenching pain,
And the night sky is always lit up
Burning without the ball of fire kindling it
And you might feel at first
That the storm only razes and ruins
But come the morning,
You would see that even though
A lot has been torn down and wrecked
And even though the land has been
Rendered swampy and muddy
The world has been washed anew,
And that’s what storms really do!

The Humans!


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The light can never leave you,
It’s been with you ever since you were a child,
The time when you start maturing, the happiness is never due
The smile is omnipresent, just don’t close your eyes and go blind!

The darkness is what act as a lodestone,
Forcibly attracting your other scared half from the serene shine,
Clouds starts overshadowing your dome,
And storms of negativity at every shore of your life.

But remember these entities are what we,
Can treat, we can beat!

The good and the evil, both live
The Rama & The Ravana, The hate & the love
The Jesus & Beelzebub are still,
Alive in you, in me and in us
The Humans!!

International Day of Women


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So, it is MARCH 8 and here’s wishing all the women out there a happy International day of Women. It was originally termed as international working women’s day. The earliest women’s day observance was held on february 28,1909,in New York organised by the Socialist Party of America in remembrance of the 1908 strike of the International Ladies Garment Worker’s Union.The International Women’s Day theme for 2016 was “planet 50-50 by 2030:step it up for gender equality!”. An independent campaign,separate from the UN,was run by the financial firm EY with other corporate partners,organising events. Despite of the various efforts done by various governments of different countries,the problem
of gender inequality still persists. Minor,not very significant efforts have been done all over the world but the irony is that none of them directly address the issue of WOMEN MOLESTATION OR HARASSMENT. Continue……